Roundtable on Eero Tarasti’s new book in French in Paris on oct 27

Table ronde: Autour de la sémiotique existentielle Paris, l’Institut finlandais,  60 Rue des Ecoles, 27 octobre 2010, à 14-18 heures Eero Tarasti, l’un des leaders mondiaux de la sémiotique – pour reprendre les mots de l’Indiana University Press –, a publié l’été dernier chez l’Harmattan son nouvel ouvrage en français : Fondements de la sémiotique…

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Towards the IASS11 in China

Towards the IASS11 in China Eero Tarasti Semiotics lives in historical times.  Namely, what Thomas A. Sebeok envisioned when he entitled his last book Global Semiotics, is no longer a utopia, challenge or prophecy; it is the reality in which we dwell in the contemporary world.  One would even call it a ‘technosemiotic’ stage of…

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SEMIOTICIANS OF MUSIC CONVENE AGAIN Eero Tarasti Introducing the 11th International Congress on Musical Signification at Cracow Music Academy on Sept 27 – Oct 2, 2010:  “Function and Value in Music” ( When the research project ‘Musical Signification’ was launched in the Parisian spring of 1984 at the French Radio Building, during a live broadcast…

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Call for Papers for the Section “Signs and the City” – CCKS: Cities, Cultures, Knowledge Societies

Invitation email Dear Colleagues, every second year, the Vienna based international Research Institute for Regional and Transnational Processes INST hosts a big conference on culture and society related topics. This year’s World Conference on CCKS: Cities, Cultures, Knowledge Societies CCKS will be held 25-28 November. Unlike the previous events, however, the majority of sections will…

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Call for Papers: CINESONIKA

Call for Papers & Presentations Keynote Speaker: Don Ihde CINESONIKA: The First International Film and Video Festival of Innovative Sound Design is adding a conference component. We are seeking interdisciplinary contributions on sound in relation to the moving image. Media thinkers, film scholars, art historians, performance theorists, composers, filmmakers, sound practitioners, multimedia semioticians, philosophers of…

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Call for papers: Eighth International Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature, 16-18 June 2011

2011  Linnaeus University, Sweden Eighth International Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature, 16-18 June 2011 The eighth in a series of biennial international and interdisciplinary symposia organized by the Iconicity Research Project since 1997, this meeting will once again focus on iconicity – understood as form miming meaning and form, and meaning miming form…

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Jacques Geninasca in Memorian

Jacques was the very first Treasurer of the IASS-AIS from its foundation in 1969 until the Palermo Congress in 1984. Following is the death notice: Estimados amigos y colegas: Tengo el triste deber de comunicarles que Jacques Geninasca profesor emérito de Historia de la Literatura Francesa desde el Renacimiento hasta la Actualidad ha fallecido en Neuchâtel…

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