CFP: Chinese Semiotic Studies

Chinese Semiotic Studies

Call for Papers

Number of issues: 4 issues (March issue, June issue, September issue and December issue) per year starting from 2014

Publisher: De Gruyter


Email for submission:

President of Editorial Board: Jie Zhang

Vice Presidents of Editorial Board: Bin Xin, Jiazu Gu, and Yongxiang Wang

Editor-in-Chief: Yongxiang Wang

Associate Editor: Linda L. Thornburg

Assistant Editor: Hongbing Yu

It has been five years since Chinese Semiotic Studies (CSS in short) started the publication of its first issue in 2009. I, on behalf of our editorial board, wish to extend our heartfelt thanks and lofty compliments to you for your continuous care, support, and help!

Recently, we have been negotiating with De Gruyter concerning the cooperation on the publication of CSS between us. After several meetings’ discussions, the De Gruyter Board have finally approved of the proposed cooperation on CSS: starting from 2014, CSS will get published by De Gruyter with 4 issues per year (March issue, June issue, September issue and December issue).

CSS includes in every issue three regular sections:

(i) Studies on Chinese Cultural Signs: the studies (conducted by either Chinese or western scholars) which deal with Chinese elements (including literature, music, art, architecture, historical and cultural heritage, etc.) are supposed to belong to this section. It’s a section reflecting “China from the world’s perspective”.

(ii) Chinese Studies on Western Cultural Signs, Sign Theories, and Their Applications: this section includes the studies conducted by Chinese scholars concerning western sign theories and/or their applications. It’s a section reflecting “The West from China’s perspective”.

(iii) Interaction Section for Chinese and Western Sign Studies: we shall invite western/Chinese scholars to write for our journal, and, at the same time, we shall invite Chinese/western scholars to write review articles. It’s a section reflecting “Interaction between China and the West”.

Contributions to these sections are welcome.

Our submission email is


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