CFP: Southern Journal of Semiotics

Southern Journal of Semiotics – Special issue: “Memory as a Representational Phenomenon ”

The editors announce a Call for Papers for a special issue on memory as a representational phenomenon, broadly defined.

Papers should address any aspect of memory as a semiotic system.  Topics of particular interest include: development and use of working memory, retrieval from long-term memory, memory as a cultural and historical system, use of artistic works as a representation of memory, dreams and the psychoanalysis of memory, artefacts and places of memory, the primacy of particular sign categories in memory, the influence of intrapsychological factors in constructing higher-order representational networks, the contribution of intersubjective processes on memory, and semiotically-driven interventions  to remediate representational anomalies.

Papers with either an empirical or a purely theoretical approach are encouraged.  Papers must include an abstract of between 100 and 150 words, five keywords; and the length of the manuscript must range between 6000 and 10000 words inclusive of footnotes, but not of works cited.  Conformity to APA style is required; and where possible, citations must be to original sources.

All illustrations are to be sent as separate jpeg files; but, clear indication needs to be made via subscripts within the body of the manuscript as to the intended location of each illustration.  A fifty-word author biography with final submission is likewise encouraged.  Please consult the “About” page on our website: for stylistic procedures not outlined herein.

In addition to formal papers, commentaries and reviews of books are welcome, as well as news of relevant events and calls for papers.  All formal contributions and papers will be subject to suitable processes of editorial and blind review, to ensure quality of content and stylistic rigor. English is the designated language for all submissions – although submissions in other languages may be considered.

Be certain to include for each author: first name and surname in ordinal sequence of degree of contribution, email address, institutional affiliation, and academic status.

Inquiries, abstracts and early paper submissions should be made to our guest editor for this issue, Donna E. West at:, with a copy to the journal editor at on or before 3 April, 2014.  Papers can be submitted after this date by arrangement.

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