Membership of the IASS is obligatory for participating in IASS World Congresses. Membership also entitles you to reduced fees when participating in conferences round the world that are held ‘Under the Auspices’ of the IASS. It is required for publicising on the IASS website. In addition to keeping up to date with semiotics globally and receiving communications from the President and the IASS in general, membership also offers the following specific benefits:

Standard’ membership @ €25 per person during Congress and non-Congress years = individual membership with 5 de Gruyter tokens (i.e. €150 in monetary value)

Group membership @ €10 per person (minimum 3) during non-Congress years = a reduced price individual membership + 5 de Gruyter tokens

Group membership @ €25 per person during Congress years = usual price individual membership + 5 de Gruyter tokens

Instructions how to use the de Gruyter tokens

Type of membership

If you need an INVOICE please fill the form:

For individual members here

For group members here

You will receive the invoice on your email.

* Individual membership is required for attendance/participation at the General Assembly.

African fee @ €15 per person during Congress and non-Congress years = individual membership with 5 de Gruyter tokens

You can do the payment also via bank transfer using IBAN:
In favor of: Foundation MetaMind
IBAN: LV97HABA0551040956812
Name of the bank: SWEDBANK
Purpose of Payment:  IASS/AIS Membership fee

To qualify for the discount for Africa, please fill up the following form:

Please, send an email to requesting a payment with the membership form (see below) filled up. You will receive on your email an invoice. Click on the link in the email and make the payment on PayPal website.

Type of membership: ______________________________

Last Name: _______________________________________
First Name: _______________________________________
Address (home)*: ____________________________________________________________________
Address (office)*: ____________________________________________________________________
phone office: +(country) (area) ______________________
phone home: +(country) (area) ______________________
e-mail(s): ___________________________________________
Occupation: ________________________________________

Date: month / day / year
Signature: __________________________

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