Journal: Sign System Studies vol. 41/4

Sign Systems Studies 41 (4)Sign Systems Studies 41(4)

The fourth issue of 2013 of the journal Sign Systems Studies — vol. 41(4) — publishes a series of papers on the traditions in semiotics, focusing on Lotman, Deely, Peirce, Sarailiev, and Augustine. It also publishes two articles on biosemiotics (on the perception of environment, and the concept of exaptation), and a review of Lotman-conference in Argentina.


I Traditions in semiotics

Laura Gherlone. Semiotics and interdisciplinarity: Lotman’s legacy

Petre Petrov. Mixing signs and bones: John Deely’s case for global semiosis

Renira Gambarato. Peircean semiotics in the context of design praxis: Abduction and perception in dialogue

Andrey Tashev. The two pragmatisms in the philosophy of Ivan Sarailiev

Remo Gramigna. Augustine on lying: A theoretical framework for the study of types of falsehood

II Biosemiotics

Prisca Augustyn. Man, nature and semiotic modelling or how to create forests and backyards with language

Davide Weible. Approaching a semiotics of exaptation: At the intersection between biological evolution and technological development

III Reviews and notes

Ariel Gómez Ponce. Lotman’s tradition: American perspective

The new issue of Sign Systems Studies is available at University of Tartu Press


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