Journal: Sign System Studies vol. 41

Sign Systems Studies 41 (2-3)Sign Systems Studies 41(2/3)

The new issue of the journal Sign Systems Studies — vol. 41(2/3) — includes a large special section on semiotics of montage as guest-edited by Tomi Huttunen. It also publishes two articles by Juri Lotman (which appear for the first time in English), and a review of the 8th Tartu Semiotics Summer School (2013).


I Semiotics of montage

Tomi Huttunen – Preface: Montage principle and the semiotics of culture

Mikhail Yampolsky – Point, pathos, totality

Mihhail Lotman – Metrical montage: on the theory of polymetrical compositions

Oksana Bulgakowa – From stage to brain: Montage as a new principle of scientific narrative

Tomi Huttunen – Montage in Russian imaginism: Poetry, theatre and theory

Irene Portis-Winner – Jean Rouch: The semiotics of ethnographic film

Peeter Torop – The ideological aspect of intersemiotic translation and montage

Ilya Kukulin – Privatisation of a riot: “Second life” of the early Soviet montage

II Juri Lotman’s semiotics

Laura Gherlone – Lotman’s epistemology: Analogy, culture, world

Remo Gramigna – The place of language among sign systems: Juri Lotman and Émile Benveniste

Juri Lotman – On the dynamics of culture (trans. Tyler Adkins)

Juri Lotman – Canonical art as informational paradox (trans. Montana Salvoni, Oleg Sobchuk)

III Reviews and notes

Anti Randviir – Autocommunication in semiotic systems: 40 years after Theses on the Semiotic Study of Cultures (Tartu Summer School in Semiotics 2013)

The new issue of Sign Systems Studies is available at University of Tartu Press website and at the bookshop Krisostomus website

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