Call for papers: Lexia (39 – 40) “Heritage and the City. Semiotics and Politics of Cultural Memory in Urban Spaces”

HERITAGE AND THE CITYSemiotics and Politics of Cultural Memory in Urban Spaces Guest Editors: Francesco Mazzucchelli (University of Bologna), Maria Rosaria Vitale (University of Catania), Massimo Leone (University of Turin/University of Shanghai) “Lexia”, the international, peer-reviewed journal of CIRCe, the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Communication of the University of Turin, Italy, invites contributions to…

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New Issue: Punctum-International Journal of Semiotics, Volume 5, Issue 2

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Volume 5, Issue 2  (2019) of Punctum-International Journal of Semiotics, the online, open  access journal of the Hellenic Semiotic Society. This issue is devoted  to “Semiotics of Monuments: Politics & Form from the 20th to the 21st  century”’, edited by Lia Yoka and Federico Bellentani. The…

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New issue: DeSignis, 32 “Come back to Fashion in Internet Age”

It is with great pleasure that DeSignis, the journal of the Latin American Federation of Semiotics (FELS), announces the online publication of its 32nd volume. With the title ‘Volver a la Moda… en la Web’ [Come back to Fashion in Internet Age], the issue has been edited by José María Paz Gago, with the collaboration…

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Paolo Fabbri (17 April 1939 – 2 June 2020)

Paolo Fabbri was very much a man of the word: in every sense of the term. He studied languages, speeches, images, media, and with them everything that human societies use to communicate and to give meaning to the world, to themselves and to others: gestures, clothes, tattoos, clothes, food, buildings, entire cities. So, he was…

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Roland Posner (1942-2020)

Roland Posner, President of the IASS from 1994 to 2004, died on 26 May 2020. Born on 30 June 1942, Posner studied philosophy, comparative literature, linguistics and communication theory at the universities of Bonn, Munich and Berlin. In 1972 he graduated summa cum laude in the subjects of General Linguistics, German language and Philosophy at the…

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2nd and final call for chapters for the collective volume on “Trauma and Consumption”

2nd and final call for chapters for the collective volume on Trauma and Consumption (DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.20568.24324) that will be published by a major publishing house in 2021 This volume aims at opening new theoretical vistas in conceptualizing how the notion of trauma may be fruitfully applied to consumption studies, as well as offering fresh perspectives…

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Call for papers: Revista DeSignis, “Mediatización. Teorías y prácticas”

DeSignis retoma el debate iniciado con el numero Semiosis Social. La Semiotica de Eliseo Veron o sobre las condiciones de la mediatización, fenómeno societal ligado estrechamente a las sociedades de hiperproduccion e hiperconsumo mediático y las intersecciones que se producen con otros campos disciplinarios y afines a la semiótica. Desde hace al menos tres décadas…

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Call for papers: Revista DeSignis, “Semiosis y feminismos. Teorías feministas y del discurso: ensamblajes e intersecciones”

DeSignis retoma un debate iniciado hace diez años con el n°12 Traducción/Género/Poscolonialismo (2008) al que siguió el n°16 Cuerpo(s). Sexos, sentidos, semiosis (2010) a cargo de María Eugenia Olavarria, y el pionero n°19 Queers Studies. Semióticas y políticas de género (2012). DeSignis continúa la serie ‘Intersecciones’ estudiando los procesos de producción de conocimiento y de…

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Deadline extension: 4th International Conference on Semiotics and Visual Communication (13-15 november, 2020)

Due to the disruption caused by the existing situation of the pandemic, we are extending the deadline for the submission of abstracts to May 4, 2020. We would also like to thank everyone who has already sent us a proposal, all abstracts received will be forwarded to our reviewers. Stay home and be safe, together…

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