Candidate for the position of  Vice-President Asia and Oceania (without China) – first mandate as bureau member

Murat Kalelioğlu

Murat Kalelioğlu is an Associate Professor at Mardin Artuklu University, Faculty of Letters, Translation Department. He is one of the founders and Co-Presidents of the Türkiye Semiotics Circle (TGÇ) and among the initiators and editors of the TAMGA-Turkish Journal of Semiotic Studies. Kalelioğlu is also one of ASIA’s founding and executing committee members and a member of IASS-AIS.
He has been working in line with TGÇ’s objectives: gathering students and researchers under a specific platform, bringing national and international scholars together to work, promoting the dissemination of semiotics, educating young semioticians, cooperating with institutions and organizations in semiotics, and leading and supporting scientific activities such as seminars, congresses, and publications.
His research interests include linguistics, semiotics, narratology, and culture with multi/inter/transdisciplinary perspectives. He has supported the scientific infrastructure of many national and international events organized in Türkiye and has added semiotics courses to his department’s curriculum.
Kalelioğlu is the author/editor of many works in semiotics, including Literary Semiotics: Theory and Practice, 2020; A Literary Semiotics Approach to the Semantic Universe of George Orwell’s 1984, 2018; Interdisciplinarity in the 21st Century and Implementation Forms: A Tribute to Prof. Dr. V. Doğan Günay, (with B. Çanakpınar), 2023; Empire of Others: Semiotic Adventure of the Other, (with V. D. Günay), 2022; Semiotics of Culture: Analysis of Lifestyles in the 21st Century, (with V. D. Günay& B. Çanakpınar), 2022; “Latmos: A Semiotic View on the Subject’s Role in the Sustainability of Natural and Cultural Values”, 2023.
Manifesto for the future of the IASS-AIS
If elected, in the next five years, Murat Kalelioğlu will carry out essential activities on behalf of IASS-AIS and the region, including, but not limited to, the following tasks:
 Promote healthy communication channels between IASS-AIS and students, academicians, and researchers in the region,
 Encourage the participation of semiotic organizations, students, researchers, and professionals through membership in IASS-AIS and support them to take part in the activities organized by IASS-AIS,
 Facilitate the commencement and enhancement of collaborative activities between IASS-AIS and regional institutions and organizations in semiotics,
 Encourage activities such as congresses, symposiums, seminars, summer schools, scientific publications, and projects under the auspices of IASS-AIS in cooperation with regional institutions, organizations, and universities,
 Promote multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary semiotic studies and organize new and comprehensive studies together with institutions, organizations, and circles related to semiotics in the region,
 Support the recommendations and decisions of the IASS-AIS executive board and share them with researchers in Asia and Oceania,
 Encourage experienced semioticians in the region to come together with students and researchers interested in the field and support the development of young semioticians,
 Foster the dissemination of semiotics courses in all disciplines at universities and the launching of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in semiotics,
 Support all social, cultural, and scientific activities that support the development of IASS-AIS and encourage the participation of stakeholders in the region.

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