IASS Election: Kim Sung Do Vice-President Candidature

Candidate for Vice-President (Asia)

Seoul, Korea

  • CV

I was born in 16th of July 1963 in Seoul, Korea. After I graduated from Korea University more than thirty years ago, I earned my Master and Ph.D in linguistics in Paris 1987 and 1991.

First of all, I would like to emphasize that I have demonstrated successful leadership for the Korean Association of Semiotic Studies (2013-2014) and the Korean Association for Visual Culture Studies (2015-2018). Furthermore, I have headed the Center for Applied Cultural Sciences  that I founded in 2006 in Korea University where I have worked for 26 years as a professor of semiotics and cultural and visual theory.

Through my regular participations in the congress of the IASS (Berkeley, Guadalajara, Dresden, Lyon, Coruna, Nanjing, Sophia, Kaunas), I obtained a good knowledge of the IASS. I have published my works in international journals of semiotics and linguistics such as Semiotica, Degres, Signata, Zeitschrifte fur Semiotik, Sign System Studies, etc.

I have also contributed to the field of semiotics, linguistics and humanities in Korea as a translator of some important figures of modern semiotics such as Derrida, Peirce, Saussure, Greimas.

In the meantime, I have accumulated many experiences of global scholarship career by being invited as a visiting scholar by Oxford University (2001-2002), Harvard University (2008-2009, as a Fulbright Senior Scholar) and Cambridge University (2012-2013).

Among my honorable achievements in my academic career,  I am especially proud of my myself when I received the prize of the Mouton d’Or in 1994 for my paper on the new horizon of Saussurean semiology.

  • Platform of the candidate for the future of the IASS

As you are all aware, the IASS has assumed a significant vocation in the history of contemporary humanities and social sciences since its creation in 1969. I am honored to make a candidature for the position of vice-president Asia and would like to thank all members of the IASS bureau and the IASS executive committee for their support and confidence in considering me for this position. I have been a long-standing member of the IASS and have served on the Board of the IASS executive committee.

If re-elected, I promise to focus on promoting the scientific exchange between Asian scholars.  I would be honored to serve the IASS as a vice-president and life-long advocate for the IASS vision of ensuring all members have access to a high quality of semiotic works.

There is still a lot to do over the next five years and I wish to continue to serve the vice-president Asia. Specifically, I plan to pursue the following activities at the board level:

  • Advance the social role of semiotics in the new system of knowledge in the digital era
  • Enhance commons and support between the IASS and other institutions to move the IASS standing by improving and expanding actions with other scientific organizations
  • Provide a platform of scientific exchange among young and senior semioticians in Asia
  • Bureau post for which the candidacy is offered

Vice-President Asia

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