Open Lectures in the 12th World congress of IASS/IAS – Sofia, 16-20 Sept 2014


Semiotics and Its Masters

Following you can find the list of lectures that will take place in the 12th World Congress of IASS/IAS

The call for papers for the congress is open:

Deadline for RT proposals:  May 31
Deadline for papers: June 30

The Semiotics and Its Masters speakers are listed below by alphabetical order.

The list is still incomplete and is being updated regularly – the listed scholars are the first to confirm their participation. 

This series of open lectures will take place in the NBU Aula (300 seats)

Follow the links to find out more about them and what they are going to present.

John Deely

John Deely

Semiosis and Human Understanding


Paolo Fabbri

Paolo Fabbri

Les passions de la valeur: culpabilité, honte, indignation

Jacques Fontanille

Forms of living and the semiotics of culture

Anne HénaultAnne Henault

Semiotics and Hermeneutics: the debate between Algirdas G. Greimas and Paul Ricoeur 

Kalevi KullKalevi Kull

(with Ekaterina Velmezova)

Semiotics is taking form: through the eyes of ten top semioticians

Alexandros Lagopoulos & Karin Boklund-Lagopoulou

Alexandros Lagopoulos

Karin Boklund-Lagopoulou

Social Semiotics: For a Sociologically Grounded Semiotics

Gianfranco Marrone


Gianfranco Marrone

The Invention of the Text


Isabella PezziniIsabella Pezzini

La sémiotique comme critique du discours

Augusto Ponzio

Augusto Ponzio

Susan Petrilli

Semioethics as vocation of semiotics. In the wake of Welby, Morris, Sebeok, Rossi-Landi

Frederik StjernfeltFrederik Stjernfelt

Dicisigns – the Actuality of Peirce’s Theory of Propositions

Eero Tarasti

The Challenge of Existential Semiotics


Patrizia Violi

Patrizia Violi

Spaces of memory and trauma: a cultural semiotic perspective

Ugo VolliUgo Volli

In search of lost sense or the adventures of interpretation

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