SIG/ES Symposium 2012 Report

Special Interest Group for Empirical Semiotics – SIG/ES Symposium 2012 Report

SIG/ES is devoted to the empirical science of semiotics and is the SSA’s oldest Special Interest
Group. Our 35th Annual Symposium was very successful with more than 20 people in attendance to
hear the five papers presented in two sessions. These were:

  1. Donna West: “The Primacy of the Index in Abductive Reasoning: the Case of Inference in Ontogeny”.
  2. Steven Skaggs: “Typology and Typography: Signs in Action”.
  3. Charls Pearson: “The Principle of Paradigm Inversion”.
  4. Elizabeth Cooke: “Peirce on Wonder, Inquiry, and the Semiotic Ubiquity of Surprise”.
  5. Charls Pearson: “A Possible Unification of Semiotics and Semiologie”.

In the Business Meeting that followed the two paper sessions, Donna West was elected incoming
president of SIG/ES to replace founding president, Charls Pearson. A Call for Papers was also issued
for the 2013 SIG/ES Symposium to be held in conjunction with the 2013 SSA Annual Meeting.

A Dutch Treat dinner followed the Business Meeting.

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