Semiofest Mexico 2022

This year for Semiofest is very special. After a long two year forced pause, we will all finally meet. This time in the city that has long and diverse story to tell. The city with one of the biggest quantity of museums all over the world, thousands of nooks with overlapping cultural layers, signs and symbols on quite every corner. In addition to that we are happy to offer you a very special date – The Day of the Dead that will saturate the city with colourful altars, carnival costumes and soul cleaning smell of Copal.

Moreover, Semiofest turned 10 this year. No doubt – there are plenty of reasons to meet and Celebrate Semiotic Thinking together!

Welcome to La Ciudad de México, Semiofest 2022

We are pleased to share with you The Program ! In 4 amazing days we will have a half day Training Session, 2 Keynote Speakers, 18 Presentations made by 22 Presenters, 2-hour workshop, a Panel and some practical activities on Clients and Networking Day.

Have a look now. It´s worth switching to TICKETS section then!

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