By joining or re-joining the IASS, you will contribute to the uniting of our astonishing endeavours across continents, transcending disciplinary and national boundaries.

Membership entitles you to participate and/or spectate such events as the Early Career Researchers seminars mentioned above, plus a number of events with preferential rates which occur ‘under the auspices’ of the IASS.

To replace our token scheme with our publishing partner, de Gruyter, the publisher of the Association’s journal, Semiotica, there will be new publication benefits. Membership of the IASS will entitle you to benefits equal to those of the token scheme in order redeem online content from de Gruyter when their new platform is launched.

In addition, members of the Association, especially early career researchers, will have immediately at their disposal the services of the IASS Collegium, a specially assembled panel of global semiotics’ leaders ready to provide support for job applications, promotions and grant applications, as well as the forthcoming mentoring scheme.

Type of membership

If you need an INVOICE please fill the form:

For individual members here

You will receive the invoice on your email.

You can do the payment also via bank transfer using IBAN:
In favor of: Foundation MetaMind,
Address: Baznicas 45-14 LV-1010, Riga, Lithuania
IBAN: LV97HABA0551040956812
Name of the bank: SWEDBANK
Purpose of Payment: IASS/AIS Membership fee

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