Göran Sonesson: “Current Issues in Pictorial Semiotics” at the Semiotics Institute Online

“The present course is intended to be a kind of state of the art description of pictorial semiotics (with some extensions to visual semiotics generally). It will present the results of some forty years of work which is largely unfamiliar to scholars in the Anglo-Saxon world, since most of the contributions were written in languages…

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Augusto Ponzio: The Dialogic Nature of Signs at the Semiotics Institute Online

Summary Lecture 1. Dialogue and Alterity Dialogue and dialogism: formal and substantial dialogue Lecture 2. Dialogue and Alterity Dialogue in “dialogue genre”, external and internal discourse, utterance, and individual word Lecture 3. Dialogue and Sign The sign as something which calls for a certain response, according to another something, i. e. the interpretant Lecture 4….

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