Victoria Welby and Significs: Essays for a Special Issue of Semiotica

Victoria Welby and Significs
Essays for a Special Issue of Semiotica

15 April 2011

Dear colleagues and friends:

Marcel Danesi, as Editor-in-Chief of Semiotica, has asked me to Guest-Edit a Special Issue on Victoria Welby, occasioned by the book I have published with Mouton (2009), Signifying and Understanding. Reading the works of Victoria Welby and the Signific.

I am writing you, therefore, with a twofold purpose. First, please have your institutional library order a copy of this Welby book, based as it is on archival research, and presenting a vast selection of Lady Welby’s writings, unpublished as well as published, together with key writings by representatives of the Signific Movement in the Netherlands.

But secondly, and most importantly, please consider yourself writing an essay for this Lady Welby Semiotica Special Issue. My hope is that this Special Issue will show that Lady Welby, much more than a correspondent with Charles Peirce, was a “founding figure” in her own right of semiotics today. Her notion of “significs” demonstrates that the relation between sign, meaning, and value is of central importance in every possible sphere of human interest and behavior.

If you wish to write an essay, please let me know by email at your earliest convenience: <>. Send in your proposed title with an abstract.

While I would like to have titles with abstracts as soon as possible, the completed essays need to arrive only by January 2012, in Word file format, and can be sent as attachments.

Essays should not be any longer than 30 standard  “typewritten” pages, redacted according to Semiotica stylesheet.

If you have already received this letter please note mainly the new deadline.

With kind regards,

Susan Petrilli

Signifying and Understanding flier

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