Call for proposals: English language book series in the field of semiotics

Nanjing Normal University Press is launching two English language book series in the field of semiotics.

 This is a call for proposals in
– Series 1: basics of semiotics (up-to-date textbooks for beginners, lecturers and researchers in semiotics)
– Series 2: research in semiotics (cognition, culture, communication, philosophy, education, etc).

Proposals must include:
– title
– brief explanation of what the book is about
– a rationale for the proposed volume
– proposed structure of the book and a rationale for that structure
– more detailed synopsis, including one paragraph outlining each chapter of the book
– statement of approximate length (within the range 60 – 80,000 words or c. 250 pages)
– evaluation of the target audience/proposed market
– titles of any publications that in direct competition with your proposed book
– CV of authors or

The launch date for both series is December 2016.

Please contact Dr. Hongbing Yu; to submit a proposal or for further details

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