Villa Lante Symposium: Semiotics of Cultural Heritages

Villa Lante Symposium: Semiotics of Cultural Heritages

International Research Project

Institutum Romanum Finlandiae, Passeggiata di Gianicolo, 10,  Roma

Monday    April 7, 2014    10-12    

Opening  by the Chair:  Eero Tarasti

Invited guest lecture:  Stefania Guerra Lisi & Gino Stefani  (Rome):  Roma barocca – semiotica di una tradizione


Altti Kuusamo (Turku, Finland):  I primi angeli custodi e primi ’angeli attivi’ al inizio di seicento. Una problema della interpretazione

Roberto Mastroianni  (Turin):   Philosophical Anthropology and Anthropo-semiotics

lunch  12-14

14-15.30       Theory continued…

Kristian Bankov (Sofia) :   Cultural heritages in the consumption world


                  Zeynep Onur, Tanalt Ziya, Onur Ayse Ece (Ankara):  Effects of the Republic (1923) and its reflection in architectural tectonics in Turkey; Turkish Modern Architecture Movement.

Jean-Marie Jacono (Aix-Marseille) :  Du moyen âge à la mondialisation musicale : les troubadours et la nouvelle chanson occitane en France

coffee    15.30-16.00

16.00- 17.30     Festivities

                  Rahiyla Geybullaeva (Baku) :  Cultural traditions which are considered as a substantial part of modern-day  national identities

Bujar Hoxha (Skopje):   Identity and Cultural Heritage: Experiencing the Albanian Context


Lazaros Papoutsis, Ifigeneia Vamvakidou, Anastasia Christodoulou, Andromachi Solaki (Florina, Greece):  Athens Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, 2004. The Semiotics of the Ancient Greek Spirit.

concert    18-20   Eila Tarasti (piano), Tero Halonen (tenor), Quartet of the  Helsinki University Music Society  (Petrus Laitinmäki, Mikko Metsälampi, Holger Kaasik, Eero Tarasti)

dinner   20—

Tuesday    April 8, 2014    10-12        Finland:  between the North and the Kalevala

                   Pirjo Kukkonen (Helsinki):  Translation Transferring Cultural Heritage in Scandinavian Countries                

Juha Pentikäinen (Helsinki/Rovaniemi) : The Heritage of  Marina Takalo: the Long Memory of Kalevalaic Songs

Vesa Matteo Piludu (Helsinki):  The Heritage of Finnish Bear Incantations: Symbolism in Literature, Arts,  Design and Advertising, Political Propaganda

lunch  12-14

14-16     Finland continued…Czech and Baltic

                   Heidi Wirilander (Jyväskylä, Finland):  Semiotic Dimensions of Collective Memory and Destruction of Heritages – a Finnish Approach

Martin Polak (Brno):   Czech and Finnish National Movement

Holger Kaasik (Helsinki):  A cultural heritage lost – The Baltic German intellectuals and national  polarization in the second half of the 19th century

coffee  16-16.30

16.30- 17.30       Finland continued –   Learning and ceremonies

Tero Halonen (Helsinki):  Independence Day Reception and Conferment Ceremony for Masters. Finnish Ceremony Tradition and Four Categories of Signs in Ceremonies

Niclas Sandström (Helsinki):  How to Speak about Heritages in School teaching


                      Altti Kuusamo (Turku):  Tradition, the Work of Art and New Discoveries in Interpretation: Whose Signs are the revived meanings?

coffee     17.30-18  ….and final discussion on the future of the project


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