Update: 15th World Congress of Semiotics / IASS-AIS (Thessaloniki, Aug. 30 – Sept. 3, 2022)

The panel proposal stage has been concluded and an amazing number of 59 panel descriptions are now listed on the Congress website (https://www.semioticsworld.com/submissions/) offering a wide range of choices to those interested to take part in the next big meeting of the international semiotic community. Since the beginning of September, paper abstracts are submitted directly to the panel convenors, who are responsible for evaluating and approving them. Participants who feel their abstracts do not fit any of the panel topics listed, can submit them directly to the Organizing Committee via the specified online form for paper submissions on the Congress website. The online registration process is scheduled to start on November 15, 2021, to allow panel convenors ample time to complete the first round of paper selection. Don’t forget to register to the Congress newsletter, to keep up with ongoing updates and information.

The Congress Organizing Committee

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