The 2nd International Conference of Semiosis Research Center (ICSRC), Seoul, Korea (EXTENDED DEADLINE)

Extended Deadline – Feb 16, 2014

The 2nd International Conference of Semiosis Research Center (ICSRC), Seoul, Korea

The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to February 16 2014.

Narrative and Multimodality

The ICSRC is a premier international conference covering interdisciplinary dialogues on semiosis (sign processes). The Semiosis Research Center (SRC) is a research institute sponsored by National Research Foundation of Korea and its focus lies in the conceptual understanding of sign processes (semiosis) which occur dynamically in relation to society. The first international conference was held on 2012 on the theme, “Homo Sensus: Perception, Emotion and Semiosis” which highlighted the multidisciplinary relationship between human perception and cognition.

The 2nd ICSRC (ICSRC-2014) will be held in May 23rd, at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea. The topic of ICSRC-2014 is “Narrative and Multimodality.” As humans, we continually make stories and stories shape us. Our narratives can also become signs standing for ourselves or even culture. A chief carrier of narratives is language, but non-linguistic devices such as visual images, material artifacts and gestures can also facilitate communication of stories. Narrative and its multimodality thus need to be investigated from diverse perspectives in order to understand their working procedures and/or function. This conference seeks to explore various characteristics of narratives, including semantic and formal features, narratives in literary works, storytelling and culture, and multimodality.

Plenary speakers

  • Maria Patrizia Violi, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Morana Alac, UCSD, USA

We invite submissions of [less than] 400 word abstracts for one of two categories:

1. Oral presentations (20 min presentation + 5 minute discussion)

2. Posters (at a dedicated poster session)

*If you want to do a theme session, please contact the organizer.

The abstracts can be related, though need not be restricted, to the following topics:

. Chronotope

. Cross-Cultural Comparative Literatures

. Cognitive and Semiotic Approach to Multimodal Texts

. Context-Specific Multimodality

. Digital Media and their Narrative Processing

. Multimodal Communications

. Multimodality

. Narratology in Media

. Narratives and Institutions (e.g., politics, business, etc.)

. Semantic Typology and Linguistic Relativity

. Semiosis and Culture

. Storytelling

Abstracts should be submitted to: or

Important dates

. Deadline for abstract submission: 16 Feb 2014

. Notification of acceptance: 28 Feb 2014

. Early Registration: 15 Mar 2014

. Registration: 15 Apr 2014

Registration Fees

. $100 for researchers and professors

. $50 for students and the retired

. Fees include conference package, snacks and beverage, and the conference dinner.


. SRC provides accommodations for two nights in Seoul for all presenters.

. Papers selected by the Editorial Board of the SRC’s journal Signs and Society can be considered for publication in Signs and Society‘s supplementary issue.


Local organizing committee of ICSRC 2014

HK Professor Hyug Ahn

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