Semiotica: Editorial Committee and Membership Survey

Dear colleagues,

Please participate in the following survey sent by the editors of Semiotica.

The survey hopes to gain insights into current and past practices with Semiotica. Most importantly, we are eager to know more about contributing authors’ and reviewers’ perception of the review process.

We do know that the IASS has started preparing multi-language communication, however, Semiotica only accepts papers written in French and/or English, as such, we have prepared the survey in French and in English only.

The survey will take no more than 3-5 minutes to complete.  We will be presenting the anonymized results in a brief report to the membership once the data has been analyzed.  We hope to do this during the presentation of our general report (which includes the new EiC team, protocols and processes moving forward, best practices, etc.)  Please let us know when the next meeting is to be held so that we may prepare accordingly.

Thank you for helping us disseminate this survey broadly.  We look forward to reviewing the results. 

The English survey can be completed by clicking here. 

Cliquez ici afin d’accéder au sondage en français. 

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