Publication of CSS special issue “Thomas A. Sebeok for the 21st century”

Chinese Semiotic Studies is proud to present a special issue, edited by Hongbing Yu, in memory of Thomas A. Sebeok. Sebeok was not only a master semiotician, but more importantly a grand artist in semiotics. As one of the most important contemporary figures in semiotics, linguistics, ethnology, and cultural studies, Sebeok made profound contributions to the progress of global semiotics through his distinguished theoretical achievements and promotional activities. His works have proven to be so relevant that they continue to exert a determinative influence and provide directions for the development of semiotics and its many subdivisions, especially biosemiotics, beyond the 20th century. Now, 21 years into the present century, during which semiotic studies around the world have made remarkable progress, it is about time to highlight some specific ways in which his contributions will continue to shape and guide semiotic studies, demonstrating the relevance of these contributions to the 21st century challenges. To this end, this special issue presents some up-to-date and informed studies that explore Sebeok’s contributions to semiotics and their vital implications for fundamental problems relevant to humanity as a semiotic animal in the present day and in the rest of this century and beyond.

Special issue: Thomas A. Sebeok for the 21st century
Guest Editor: Hongbing Yu

Editorial: What is semiotics but a series of modeling
Hongbing Yu
Page range: 467-471

Signs, forms, and models: Thomas A. Sebeoks enduring legacy for semiotics
Marcel Danesi
Page range: 473-493

(Open Access) The end of Sebeok’s century meets twenty-first century pandemic: modeling through and beyond Sebeok’s systems, semiotics, science 
Sara Cannizzaro, Myrdene Anderson
Page range: 495-523

Linguïculture: Thomas A. Sebeok as a revolutionary ethnographer
Dinda L. Gorlée Page range:

Natural signs from Plato to Thomas A. Sebeok
Winfried Nöth
Page range: 551-573

Bridging Sebeok and the Tartu circle
Anti Randviir, Kalevi Kull
Page range: 575-586

The life of signs and the signs of life: bases and implications of Thomas A. Sebeok’s global
semiotics Susan Petrilli, Augusto Ponzio
Page range: 587-611

The path to xenopedagogy
Gary Shank
Page range: 613-631

The Hungarian Sebeok
Vilmos Voigt
Page range: 633-638

Modeling in semiotics: an integrative update
Hongbing Yu
Page range: 639-659

Semiotic modeling of the text-driven conceptual paradigm in language education
Yufeng Li
Page range: 661-683

From signs of language and culture to semioses of life: appreciating Tom Sebeok’s role in the building of global semiotics
Zdzisław Wąsik
Page range: 685-715

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