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A memorial service will be held this Saturday, January 8, in Lubbock,  
Texas. Details are here:

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Joseph Morton Ransdell was born June 5, 1931 to Frances Lucille and Morton Ransdell in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He passed into eternity on December 27, 2010. He attended junior college in Edmond, Oklahoma, then taught dancing at Arthur Murray Studios, and later worked in Los Angeles. He received the B.A. degree in philosophy from San Francisco State in 1961, and his PhD in philosophy from Columbia University in New York City. His dissertation on Charles S. Peirce was a pioneering study of that American philosopher. He taught philosophy at the University of California at Santa Barbara, then spent a year in San Luis Potosi, Mexico to write his book, PURSUIT OF WISDOM. He came to Texas Tech University in 1974 and retired in 2000 as Associate Professor of Philosophy. He founded the Charles Sanders Peirce website, “Arisbe: the Peirce Gateway” which encouraged online philosophical discussion, designed to function as the gateway to all web resources related to the life and works of Charles Sanders Peirce. In l993 he established the PEIRCE-L Philosophical Forum, with 400 members from three dozen countries, for those interested in the philosophy and applications of Peirce. 
He is survived by his wife, Ann Daghistany Ransdell, children Sarah Daghistany and fiancé Tim Morrow of Lubbock, Lucy Ransdell and Andreia Ransdell of Austin, and Lynn Ransdell of the home.

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