News from the Peirce Edition Project

This issue of the “News” will update you, our valued readers and supporters of the Peirce Edition, about the current state of affairs at the Project. It comes with several positive reasons for optimism, and thus for your continued steadfast backing of our mission. — André De Tienne

Dear Friend of the Peirce Edition,

It is my great pleasure to send you, via the attached PDF, a document titled “News from the Peirce Edition Project.” Download pdf file: News from PEP2

This document provides you with a report about the current state of things at the Project. It includes news about the NEH grant that the Peirce Project was awarded in June of this year and an appeal for your support regarding the matching funds component of that award; a brief discussion of the pragmaticist stance that guides our critical methods; an explanation of our evolving technological plans, now that we have hired a technical editor; the announcement that we have hired a new assistant textual editor*; a description of the reconfigured advisory board membership; an announcement regarding a new sister edition getting virtually established within the Institute for American Thought–one that Peirce would have especially appreciated; an announcement regarding Matthew Moore’s new publication of Peirce’s writings on the philosophy of mathematics; staff news; description of current work progress; notes on the Indianapolis Peirce Seminar series; a brief presentation of Professor Ivo Ibri’s Center for Pragmatism Studies in Brazil; the transcription of an early text by Peirce on orders of mathematical infinity that should intrigue historians; and finally a report about our international visitors, with two generous testimonies.

I hope you will enjoy reading the second installment of the “News.” I welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions if you have any, and thank you wholeheartedly for your interest. Please feel free to distribute this document to others as you see fit.


Andre De Tienne

Director and General Editor

Peirce Edition Project

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