New Series: Semiotics of Religion

New Series: Semiotics of Religion

New sub-series of Religion and Reason


Editors: Massimo Leone, Fabio Rambelli, Robert Yelle

Cross-fertilizing the areas of religious studies and language studies, this new series publishes works that deal with the symbolic patterns of religious cul-tures. While stressing the theoretical reading of religious phenomena, the series emphasizes placing religious beliefs and expressions in their historical and socio-cultural contexts, as well as establishing well-documented compari-sons among different religious traditions.

The series is interdisciplinary and welcomes contributions from researchers in all subfields of semiotics – including cultural, cognitive, structural, and visual semiotics, as well as semiotic anthropology and semiotics of the arts – and from adjacent disciplines such as linguistics, discourse analysis, performance studies, communications, and rhetoric as well as religious studies, cultural studies, literary studies, gender studies, post-colonial studies, and material culture. The series considers proposals on every religious culture, provided that the methodological focus bears on the understanding of religion as a form of signification and communication.

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