New issue: Sign Systems Studies 46 (2/3), 2018

Sign Systems Studies 46 (2/3), 2018

We are happy to announce the publication of the new issue of Sign Systems Studies.

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An international journal of semiotics and sign processes in culture and living nature, the journal Sign Systems Studies was established in 1964 by Juri Lotman (initially as Труды по знаковым системам – Σημειωτικη), and is thus the oldest international semiotic periodical. Originally (until 1992) a Russian-language series, it is now published in English, and has become a central institution in the semiotics of culture.

Starting from 1998, Sign Systems Studies is published as an international peer-reviewed journal on the semiotics of culture and nature. Issued regularly, one volume per year, it is indexed in major scientific databases. Since 2009, each volume includes four issues.

Vol 46, No 2/3 (2018)

Table of Contents

Aleksandar Feodorov, Peirce’s garden of forking metaphors

George Rossolatos, Impossibly good looks: A pragma-ontological approach to unearthing the latent rhetorical structure of anti-ageing advertising discourse

James B. Harrod, A post-structuralist revised Weil–Lévi-Strauss transformation formula for conceptual value-fields

Griselda Zárate, Homero Zambrano, Financial discourse of the 2007–2008 crisis: From unpredictability and explosion to predictability

Camelia Gradinaru, GIFs as floating signifiers

Riin Magnus,  Tiit Remm, Urban ecosemiotics of trees: Why the ecological alien species paradigm has not gained ground in cities?

Umberto Eco, Giorgio Prodi and the lower threshold of semiotics

Kalevi Kull, Umberto Eco on the biosemiotics of Giorgio Prodi

Umberto Eco, Animal language before Sebeok

Costantino Marmo, Eco’s “latratus canis”: A memory of the backstage

Kalevi Kull, A study by Umberto Eco and his colleagues on the history of early zoosemiotics: Commentary and bibliography

Ekaterina Velmezova, About the (semiotic) limits of the human language: Discussing the case of Pirahã

Pauline Delahaye, The 38th Albi–Moissac Colloquium of French semioticians: Living beings and their environment

Pauline Delahaye, Founding of the French Zoosemiotics Society

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The online issue is available here:

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