New issue: Sign Systems Studies 42(4)

New issue: Sign Systems Studies 42(4)

Sign Systems Studies 42(4)

The current issue contains four articles that can be brought together using the general key phrase ‘semiotics of culture extended’, thus proceeding from the main line of thought that has been characteristic of the journal. In addition, we are publishing a self-reflective review of contemporary semiotics in the form of a collective interview conducted with forty semioticians from twenty countries in connection with the 11th World Congress of Semiotics that took place in Sofia in autumn 2014.



* Alexandros Ph. Lagopoulos, Karin Boklund-Lagopoulou: Semiotics, culture and space.
* Anton Markoš: Biosphere as Semiosphere: Variations on Lotman.
* Charikleia Yoka, Evangelos Kourdis: Cultural semiotics, translatability, and informational loss in visual texts of the biotech industry.
* Lei Han: Juri Lotman’s autocommunication model and Roland Barthes’s representations of Self and Other.

* Kalevi Kull, Ekaterina Velmezova: What is the main challenge for contemporary semiotics?
* Kalevi Kull, Remo Gramigna: Juri Lotman in English: Updates to bibliography.

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