New issue: Ansaq (systems) International Journal issued by Arabic department in college of arts and science – Qatar University

Ansaq (systems)

 International Journal issued by Arabic department in college of arts and science
Qatar University
Volume 1, Issue 2 (2017).


Introduction: to systematic thinking.

Said Yaktin

 «Irony» and «Discourse of Antithesis» in Nizar Qabbani’s Poetry: An analytical and Critical Study.

Sami Hussein Al Qasoos

The Non-belonging and the Prescribed Model Infiltration

(A  cultural approach to the Pre-Islamic poetry).

Lakhdar Henni

Manifestations of the poetic image in the Poetry of Saleh Al Zahrani

A  Study of  Forming and Significance.

Mohammed Saleh Al-Husayni

The possible worlds in historical novel: Analytical reading in the novel of «Al Qursan» (the pirate).

Lolwa Hassen I A Al-Abdulla

Text Code: Towards a Social Interpretation of the Narrative Sign: Modern Literary Criticism as an Example.

Khalid Ali Ya’as

The value discourse in the modern Qatari story: Problem and practice.

Rami Abu Shehab

Function of otherness discourse representation in novels from a Bakhtinean perspective.

Hayet Oumssad

Semiotics of living systems: from neural signs to genotext.

Hassib Elkouch

The Systematic Structure in Qur’an: The Concept and its grammatical applications.

Adel Fathy Riad Ahmed

Communication: Its linguistic basics and cognitive implications.

Mhammed Elmellakh

Listening  from the perspective of writing and the spoken linguistics.

Abdelsalam Hamed

The Rhetoric of Persuasion in Discourse forms: A Study on Hamadhany’s Georgeni Maqamat.

Kahhouli Mohamed Nacer

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Print-ISSN: 2520-713X

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