New book in Turkish: Literary Semiotics: A Theory A Practice – Meaning Production Processes


Yazınsal Göstergebilim: Bir Kuram Bir Uygulama – Anlam Üretim Süreçleri [Literary Semitoics: A Theory A Practice – Meaning Production Processes]

Purpose of this book in which theory and practice presented together is to contribute to fulfiling the need of practical sources in the field of semiotics. As well as demonstrating hypothetic information, the book also contains examples of how the theory is used during an analysis of a literary work. Target audience of this book is mainly the readers who have interests in semiotics, want to improve themselves in the field, want to produce inter disciplinary researches using semiotic theory and its analysis tools. 

Literature has an important place in the theory semiotics to take its present form since the theory has been developed with an interdisciplinary perspective by first applying it to literary works and then the obtained data have been associated with other disciplines. In this sense, a reader who knows how semiotics, carrying a universal legibility, is applied in literary works will have the opportunity to apply the theory to other disciplines that are in his/her area of interest. With this feature of this study, it is thought that the book will serve as a bridge to fulfil the gap between humanity and science. 

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