New Book in French: Semiotics of Forms of Life

Semiotics of Forms of Life. World of Meaning, Ways of Being

by Alain Perusset

A study of contemporary semiotics on how we give meaning to our experiences and reveal our ways of being. Life, be it human or animal, individual or collective, can only rely on itself to persevere and sustain itself in the world. That is why life must always be active and often take new paths when its persistence is threatened. Meaning is this undetermined direction that life traces, that our lives trace. As we travel the world, we encounter, manipulate and produce texts and objects which, in their turn, come to manifest a meaning, the one we endow them in the course of our existences and experiences. In this way, we always leave a symbolic imprint on our environment; we always reveal, through our ways of being and doing, semiotic forms of life.

Essay in social sciences and general introduction to semiotics, this book presents a complete and critical study on forms of life: a detailed definition of the concept, a clarification of their relationship with practices, strategies and lifestyles, a classification of their varieties, and, finally, an explanation of how, in the long run, they manage to colour, with their ethics, human environments, namely our semiospheres. Establishing a dialogue between current and historical semioticians, such as Algirdas Julien Greimas and Roland Barthes, this book explores the new semiotic fields of experience and culture, while offering insights and tools for studying and exercising meaning in a more enlightened way.

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