New Book: A Literary Semiotics Reading: Kuyucaklı Yusuf

New Publication: A Literary Semiotics Reading: Kuyucaklı Yusuf. A Literary Semiotics Study
Last week, a semiotical analysis written about Kuyucaklı Yusuf, a quite well-known novel in Turkey was published in Turkish. This novel was translated into French twice. It was first published in Editions de Publications Orientalistes in 1977, then it was published in Éditions du Rocher in 1997. Turkish semiotician Prof. Dr. V. Dogan Gunay analyzed the novel from the perspective of Paris School Semiotics trajectory including the ideas of the following semioticans from the school (Greimas, Fontanille, Courtés, Bertrand). The book has been published by Papatya Bilim.The ones who are interested in the book can reach it from the following link.

Emeritus Prof. Dr. V. Doğan Günay who is a critic, linguist, and semiotician, has devoted more than his thirty-five years in the academic environment. He is a distinguished professor of Language and Literature, Linguistics and Semiotics. During his career, he has valuable contributions to the academic environment in both national and international levels by taking part in many academic studies as a researcher, writer, editor, counselor, director, organizer, and member of many scientific organizations. In addition to his academic achievements, he has been able to write many books including Semiotic Essays (2002), Language and Communication (2004), Introduction to Lexicology (2007/2017 2nd edt.), Discourse Analysis (2013/2017 2md edt.), Text Analysis (2013/2017 5th edt.) and Introduction to Culturology: Language, Culture and Beyond (2016) as well as writing and publishing many articles based on interdisciplinary perspective involving semiotics, language and linguistics, literary criticism and art. Professor Dogan is still an active and precious researcher, writer and contributor to the scientific studies related to his main interests.

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