Lexia, 41-42: “Ideologia”, a cura di Simona Stano e Massimo Leone

Since its introduction by philosopher Destutt de Tracy, the concept of ideology has undergone aremarkable process of resemantisation, becoming the subject of a number of reflections and theories. In the aim to rethink such a notion in a semiotic perspective, this special issue of “Lexia” combines theoretical contributions focusing on the conceptual and analytical tools developed by various scholars and approaches with in-depth analyses of particularly relevant case studies related to different contexts and spheres. The result is a very rich and varied collection, which is able not only to retrace the main stages of the philosophical and semiotic reflection on ideology, highlighting its points of particular interest and relevance, but also to open new horizons in the study of such an important — and yet for some time now left behind — topic, suggesting new and innovative interpretations, theorisations, and methods of investigation.


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