Journal: Sign Systems Studies (46-1), 2018

Journal: Sign Systems Studies (46-1), 2018

Sign Systems Studies 46 (1), 2018

We are happy to announce the publication of the new issue of Sign Systems Studies.

The online issue is available here:

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An international journal of semiotics and sign processes in culture and living nature, the journal Sign Systems Studies was established in 1964 by Juri Lotman (initially as Труды по знаковым системам – Σημειωτικη), and is thus the oldest international semiotic periodical. Originally (until 1992) a Russian-language series, it is now published in English, and has become a central institution in the semiotics of culture.

Starting from 1998, Sign Systems Studies is published as an international peer-reviewed journal on the semiotics of culture and nature. Issued regularly, one volume per year, it is indexed in major scientific databases. Since 2009, each volume includes four issues.

Vol 46, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents

Winfried Nöth, The semiotics of models

Jui-Pi Chien, The dual essence of pleasure: Willing, imagining and planning the Saussurean sublime and beautiful in surviving daunting nature and culture

Letícia Vitral, João Queiroz, The epistemic role of intermedial visual artworks: An analysis of the photobooks Palast der Republik and Domesticidades

Ott Puumeister, Surviving finitude: Survival as a constructed foundation of identity

Patrick Sériot, Biology for linguists: An obstacle or a royal path to concept building?

Zdzisław Wąsik, Umwelt, Lebenswelt and Dasein seen through the lens of a subjective experience of reality

Katalin Kroó, Peeter Torop, Text dynamics: Renewing challenges for semiotics of literature

Andreas Ventsel, Taras Boyko, On the analysis of power and politics from the perspective of Juri Lotman’s semiotics of culture

Remo Gramigna, A report on the symposium “Juri Lotman and sociosemiotics” (Elva, Estonia, 19–20 May 2017)

SIGN SYSTEMS STUDIES. ISSN 1406-4243 (print), 1736-7409 (online). E-mail: Postal address: Sign Systems Studies, Dept. of Semiotics, University of Tartu, Jakobi St. 2, 51014 Tartu, Estonia

The online issue is available here:

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