Introduction to the Semiotics of Text, by Gianfranco Marrone

As part of a major collaborative initiative to translate into English and publish great works in the Greimassian tradition, the IASS and de Gruyter are proud to announce the publication of Gianfranco Marrone’s key volume, Introduction to the Semiotics of the Text. Translated by Marrone himself, the volume serves as a cogent introduction to the topic, a high-level survey of the field and a manifesto for future work.

The Foreword to the volume is available to download here.

More details about the volume can be found here and below.

Introduction to the Semiotics of the Text


Gianfranco Marrone, University of Palermo, Italy.

About this book

This book aims to demonstrate how semiotic models of textual analysis can be used to study any social reality or cultural process. In addition, it shows how semiotic models work by using examples from everyday life and social praxis, communicative processes and modes of consumption, online interactions and cross-media procedures, political experiences and scientific universes.

Table of contents

Foreword v
I Theoretical fundamentals 1
II Basic principles 13
III The logics of narration 27
IV Enunciation and discourse 62
V Image, sensoriality, body 84
Appendix: A History of the notion of text 121
References 177
Index 195

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