International Symposium on Cultural and Communication Semiotics, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China 3 – 5 July, 2015

International Symposium on Cultural and Communication Semiotics,

Sichuan University, Chengdu, China

3 – 5 July, 2015

On July 3-5, 2015, the First International Symposium on Cultural & Communication Semiotics will be held in Chengdu, China. The Organizing Committee is composed of the following institutions:
College of Literature & Journalism, Sichuan University;
Institute of Journalism & Communication Studies, CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences);
Editorial Board of Literary Review, CASS;
Editorial Board of Literature & Art Studies, Institute of Art Studies, Ministr;
Editorial Board of Signs & Media, Sichuan University;
Editorial Board of Comparative Literature and Culture, Purdue University.

The Symposium aims at promoting semiotics of cultural and communication studies, applying it to the dynamic cultural situation around the world today.

We understand that you have been active in the field of cultural and communication semiotics, with notable achievements. We cordially invite you to participate in the Symposium.

Under the general heading “Cultural & Communication Semiotics in the Age of New Media”, you are encouraged to present papers on the following topics, but not limited to them:

  1. Theoretical aspects of semiotics;
  2. The challenges of the New Media to semiotics;
  3. Semiotics in today’s social culture;
  4. Semiotics of journalism & literature;
  5. General narratology, literature & beyond;
  6. Cultural industry & soft power;
  7. Semiotic interaction & intersubjective communication;
  8. Chinese semiotic heritage;
  9. Semiotics on environment, ecology and ethics;
  10. Semiotics on ethnicity.

Time: Registration on 3 July, symposium on 4-5 July;

Place (which is also our postal address): Wangjiang Campus of Sichuan University (29 Wangjiang Road, Chengdu, 610064 China)

Important Dates:
By 15 January, 2015, your acknowledgment of receipt has to be returned to;
By 15 March, 2015, your proposal (either in English or in Chinese) should be sent to the Organizing Committee;
By 15 May, 2015, your paper to be presented should be sent to the Organizing Committee.


Email of the Organizing Committee:
Phone: 008628-85412121  Fax:008628-85412710
Official website of the Symposium:

Secretaries of the Organizing Committee:
Prof Guangxiang RAO,
Prof Fang ZHANG,
Miss Jiangqing HUANG, 0086-15002854489
Miss Lei ZHENG, 0086-15008216959

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