Forthcoming book: “Semiotics and city poetics. Jakobson’s theory and praxis”, by Mary Coghill (due date: 5th December 2022)

Volume 25 in the series Semiotics, Communication and Cognition [SCC]

Roman Jakobson stands alone in his semiotic theory of poetic analysis which combines semiotics, linguistics and structuralist poetics. This groundbreaking book proposes methods for developing Jakobson’s theories of communication and poetic function. It provides an extensive range of examples of the kinds of Formalist praxis that have been neglected in recent years, developing them for the analysis of all poetry but, especially, the poetry of our urban future. Throughout the book the parameters of a city poetic genre are proposed and established; the book also develops the theory of the function of shifters and deixis with special reference to women as narrators. It also instantiates an experimental poetic praxis based on the work of one of Jakobson’s great influences, Charles Sanders Peirce. Steadfastly adhering to the text in itself, this volume reveals the often surprising, hitherto unconsidered structural and semiotic patterns within poems as a whole.

Series editors

Paul Cobley, Previously Professor Semiotics and Communications, now Deputy Dean Research and Knowledge Exchange, Middlesex University London, and Kalevi Kull University Professor of Biosemiotics at the University of Tartu.

Author information

Mary Coghill, Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Humanities, Russian Department, Exeter University UK.

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De Gruyter: – and for information on access to review copies of the book Contact Review Copies | De Gruyter

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