Conference: Pictures and Texts – Pictures as Text. Iconicity and Indexicality in Graphic Communication

Multimodal analysis is an emerging research field, with more open questions than clear answers or fully established concepts (and methodologies). At the same time, it is a promising and exciting field that makes possible many interdisciplinary approaches, methods, and opportunities for collaboration. The conference aims at promoting this kind of exchange across disciplinary borders and brings together experts from various disciplines working on text-image compositions from empirical, methodological, and / or theoretical perspectives. The goal is to discuss the definition and theoretical analysis of the diachronic and cultural (in)variance of such text-image compositions as well as the semiotic principles of their organization.

Researchers from Ancient Studies (Classics, Egyptology, Near Eastern Studies), Precolumbian Studies, Sinology, Linguistics, Media and Communication Studies, Visual Studies, and Semiotics will examine topics such as the multimodality of graphic communication, the specificity of logographic writing systems, as well as the role of iconicity and indexicality in semiotic processes. In addition to the discussion of individual aspects of research, space for discussion about the applicability of theories and models to other disciplines is also provided within the conference.

The conference comprises three main subject areas:

  • Iconicity and indexicality in visual communication systems
  • Analysis of text-image compositions in individual languages
  • Theory of text-image composition.

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