Conference: Applying Peirce 2 (Tallinn and Helsinki, 21-23 April)

We are happy to announce that the second “Applying Peirce” conference will take place at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia (21 April) and the University of Helsinki, Finland (22-23 April). This second edition brings together scholars and researchers to explore and discuss Charles S. Peirce’s thought and applications in diverse fields.

The year 2014 marks the centenary of Charles S. Peirce’s death. Research in Peirce’s thought has grown both within and outside the arena of philosophy on the global level. Peirce’s pioneering contributions to philosophy, pragmatism, logic, the theory of signs, philosophy of science and to numerous other fields are currently being explored not only in philosophy but also in other sciences and in art studies.

The detailed program as well as practical and contact information are available on the website of the conference at:

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