CFP: 3rd International Conference & Exhibition on Semiotics and Visual Communication 2017

3rd Intern3rd ICSVCational Conference & Exhibition
on Semiotics and Visual Communication 2017

branded. the semiotics of branding – culture + context

3–5 November 2017

Cyprus University of Technology

Lemesos, Cyprus

website at:

The 3rd International Conference & Exhibition on Semiotics and Visual Communication will take place from the 3rd to the 5th of November 2017 at the Cyprus University of Technology and welcomes papers from a broad interdisciplinary and diverse theoretical spectrum on the subject of ‘branded. the semiotics of branding – culture + context’.

Branding and brand–design has achieved a reputation and status of almost mythical proportion over the past few decades. Emerging from its forerunner- corporate identity – to incorporate advertising, consumer lifestyles and attitudes; image-rights; market-research, customisation, global expansion, sound and semiotics, ‘the consumer-as-the-brand’-the word ‘branding’ currently appears bigger than its own umbrella definition. From tribal markers such as totems, scarifications and tattoos, to emblems of power, language, fashion, architectural space, insignias of communal groups, heraldic devices, religious and political symbols, national flags and the like, a form of branding is at work that responds to the need to determine the presence and interaction of specific groups, persons or institutions through a shared code of meaning.

The conference will be accompanied by a Poster exhibition with the theme ‘explosion[s]: the global logo’. This inclusive conference and exhibition aims to investigate the broad subject field of semiotics in its widest context, celebrating the exploration of connections, tensions, contradictions and complementarity between the diversity of outputs. The event seeks to bring together researchers, scholars and practitioners who study, evaluate and reflect upon the means by which semiotic theories can be analysed, perceived and articulated within the context of the various forms of theoretical and practice based visual communication.

Papers will be accepted in Greek and English.

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