CFP: 17th Annual Gatherings in Biosemiotics — Lausanne, 6-10 June 2017

Call for Papers

Seventeenth Annual Gatherings in Biosemiotics — Lausanne, 6-10 June 2017

 The Scientific Advisory Committee of the 17th Gatherings in Biosemiotics invites scholars to submit abstracts of presentations centering on the sign-processes in living systems, in synchrony and diachrony.

 The Gatherings in Biosemiotics are annual meetings of world scholars studying the myriad of communication and sign processes in living systems, from cellular signaling and communication in physiological systems to organisms and interspecies communication, to the sign-processes that are embedded within and necessary for human cognition and culture.

We particularly welcome research in the field of the following areas:

  • Biosemiotics and linguistics
    · The implications and relations of biosemiotics to philosophy and humanities
    · History and epistemology of biosemiotics
    · Extended synthesis
    · Semiotic approaches in theoretical biology
    · Ontogeny of semiotic mechanisms
    · Habits, codes and mechanisms of learning
    · Typology of semiosis and semiotic networks
    · Modelling of semiosis
    · Methodology of biosemiotic research
    · Umwelt research
    · Biophenomenology
    · Cognitive semiotics of non-humans
    · Evolution of semiosis
    · Semiotic fundamentals of epigenetics and systems biology
    · Semiotic thresholds
    · Biosemiotics of health and disease
    · Endosemiotics
    · Zoosemiotics and ethology
    · Experimental biosemiotics

Abstracts should be 300-600 words, in a standard word processing format (Times New Roman 12 point font, and A4 page size).

Abstracts should be submitted as single page files to the following address: and received no later than February 15, 2017. Please name the abstract file with the author’s (your) surname in capital letters, for instance SEBEOK.doc.

Notification of acceptance: March 15, 2017

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