Book: Brand equity planning with structuralist rhetorical semiotics Vol.I

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Brand equity planning with structuralist rhetorical semiotics Vol.I 

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Title: Brand equity planning with structuralist rhetorical semiotics Vol.I

ISBN: 978-1481843157

Author: George Rossolatos

Release date: 2012

Pages: 260

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Publication objectives:

This book seeks to outline a structuralist rhetorical semiotic approach to brand equity planning, with view to addressing how advertising textual expressive elements may be selected, how they may be transformed into brand elements and how brand elements may be transformed into brand associations as sources of sustainable brand equity. The focus lies in demonstrating the usefulness of structuralist rhetorical semiotics in the construction and ongoing management of brand associations as outcomes of sustainable brand equity. This research culminates in a rhetorical semiotic brand equity conceptual model.

A brand equity structure consists of a web of associations that must be foreseen and planned from the very first phase of brand encoding. Managing brand equity is indistinguishable from managing the “transformational grammar” that conjoins advertising expressive elements with brand associations, with the aid of structuralist semiotic operations and operations of rhetorical transformation. This brand grammar is propounded against the backdrop of the Greimasian generative trajectory of signification and enriched in the light of visual semiotics, film semiotics, multimodal discourse, film theory, branding theory and psychoanalysis. This book puts forward the model of the brand trajectory of signification as a platform for planning and actively managing sources and outcomes of brand equity. Furthermore, the binarist rationale that undergirds the time-hallowed semiotic square is challenged in the light of connectionist advances. The morphology and syntax of the levels of the brand trajectory are addressed on multiple dimensions, such as general and local textual norms, intra-brand/inter-brand, intra-filmic/inter-filmic, diachronic/synchronic. The management of brand textual coherence and consistency in the context of the brand generative trajectory furnishes a dynamic mapping outlook to the interplay between a brand’s idiolect and a product category’s sociolect.

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