Announcement and Call for Paper: “The Semiotic Intersection of Literature, Language and Cognition” (3rd IASS-AIS—NNU Advanced Semiotics Workshop at the Nanjing Normal University, 6-7 June, 2020)

Download: Announcement & CFP updated Nov. 16, 2019

Following its success in 2018 and 2019, our exciting annual program IASS-AIS—NNU Advanced Semiotics Workshop continues into its third year in celebrating decades of international exchange, cooperation and coordination in the global arena of semiotics, which has long been regarded as an interdisciplinary methodology that cuts across fields such as linguistics, literary theory, cognitive science, philosophy, media studies, and so on. Hosted by the School of Foreign Languages & Cultures (SFLC) of Nanjing Normal University (NNU), the program exists under the auspices of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (IASS-AIS) and features both genuinely and comprehensively semiotic topics as well as representative events in honor of world-famous scholars in semiotics and related fields.

The 3rd IASS-AIS—NNU Advanced Semiotics Workshop will be held on the Suiyuan Campus of Nanjing Normal University from June 6th to 7th, 2020. The central theme of the workshop this year will be “The Semiotic Intersection of Literature, Language and Cognition”, affording a much-needed interdisciplinary platform for discussions related to studies in human language, literary creation, reading and cognition nowadays. Currently confirmed keynote speakers at the workshop this year include (in alphabetic order) Amy Cook, Ersu Ding, Jie Zhang, Mingyu Wang, William Flesch, Yongxiang Wang, and Zhijun Yan. Relevant subject matters to be covered at the event include but are not limited to:

  • Literary semiotics
  • Literature as a mode of human knowing
  • Cognitive processes of reading literature
  • Cognition and literary creation
  • Literary language and meaning making
  • Literature and cultural memory

We are extending warm invitations to colleagues in fields of literary theory, cognitive science, linguistics and semiotics. Participants will have full access to all the talks, panels and group discussions during the workshop. At the conclusion of the workshop, each qualified full-time participant will receive an official certificate of IASS-AIS Advanced Semiotics Workshop. Participants who wish to present individual papers should submit their abstracts to All abstracts must be submitted in English. The deadline for abstract submission is February 14th, 2020.

Please include the following information in your submission:

1.  Author’s name

2.  Institutional affiliation and job title

3.  Email address

4.  Title of abstract

5.  300 to 600 words (not including spaces)

6.  Five Keywords


Workshop Venue: Nanjing Normal University (Suiyuan campus), 122 Ninghai Rd, Gulou, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.

Registration: June 5th, 2020. Registration fees will be accepted on site (by cash and debit card only).

Workshop Registration Fees (to be paid in RMB onsite on registration day June 5th, 2020):

▪ Regular (IASS-AIS Member) – 900 yuan

▪ Regular (Non-member) – 1500 yuan

▪ Student (IASS-AIS Member) – 600 yuan (Student ID required)

▪ Student (Non-member) – 1000 yuan (Student ID required)

To be eligible to register for the workshop as IASS-AIS members, participants need to present evidence of their valid membership status at the time of on-site registration on June 5th, 2020. To be a member of IASS-AIS, please visit and select either of the following membership categories (25 euros or 45 euros) to pay your membership fee online. Payment of IASS-AIS membership can only be made on the website. Please keep a screenshot of your payment for record.

‘Standard’ membership @ €25 per person during Congress and non-Congress years = individual membership with 5 de Gruyter tokens (i.e. €150 in monetary value)

Gold’ membership @ €45 per person during Congress and non-Congress years = standard individual membership + 15 de Gruyter tokens (i.e.  €450 in monetary value)

All queries about the workshop should be sent to

We look forward to meeting you in Nanjing in June 2020 !

2020 Advanced Semiotics Workshop (ASW) Committees


Program Committee

Jie ZHANG Vice President of IASS-AIS; NNU.

Zhijun YAN Dean of School of Foreign Languages & Cultures (SFLC) of NNU.

Paul COBLEY President of IASS-AIS; Middlesex University; NNU.

Yongxiang WANG Vice Dean of SFLC of NNU; Executive Committee Member of IASS-AIS.

Hongbing YU ASW 2020 Host; Managing Editor of CSS; Associate Editor of Semiotica.

Organizing committee

Yidong WU Vice Dean of SFLC of NNU

Lei XIAO Director of Main Office of SFLC of NNU

Penghua XU Academic Administrator, SFLC, NNU

Xiaomei GU Media Administrator, SFLC, NNU

Biying ZHANG Graduate Counselor, SFLC, NNU

Hui YUN Graduate Student, SFLC, NNU

Pei WU Graduate Student, SFLC, NNU

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