4th Seminar and Symposium of the Academy of Cultural Heritages

Call for Papers


Ermoupolis, Syros island (Cyclades) , Greece

Dates: May, 10-13, 2023; chair Prof. Eero Tarasti; assistants Lazaros Papoutsis (Florina, Greece) Aleksi Haukka  and Paul Forsell (Helsinki)

Theme of the event:  Myth, Music and Arts

After two years’  pause, due to corona, we reopen our traditional symposia and seminars at Syros.  Seminar and symposium are intended for any persons interested in our cultural heritages in the broadest sense as well as, in  how we can study them a.o. with methods offered by contemporary semiotic approaches as well as cultural, literary, visual and music studies; the event offers ideal education for students on different levels from MA to doctoral and postdoctoral phase, and an opportunity to the more advanced scholars to present their research results; the convention consists of lectures of the directors,  papers by participants dealing with their research projects, and a concert at Apollo Theater.

Invited guest lectures:

prof. Jukka Meurman (Dep. of Oral Diseases,  (former President of International Association for Dental Research), University of Helsinki,  “Can Medicine Help Artists  –   Myths and Realities”

Other invited lectures by the director and co-directors:

Eero Tarasti: “Music as a Metaphysical Art”; 

Hannu Riikonen (Helsinki), “Greece, Germany, and Richard Wagner”,;

Altti Kuusamo (Turku): “Iconographic innovations–Appropriation, migration, interruption, change. (Nachleben der Antike: Three Graces, Nymphs, Medusa, Truth, etc.);

Alexandros Lagopoulos (Athens): “Pictorial semiotics: A Christian dogma hidden in a Byzantine mosaic”; 

Karin Boklund-Lagopoulos (Athens) : “Pictorial semiotics: Christian mythology in two paintings of the Flemish School”, 

Kristian Bankov (Sofia) : “Creativity and Resistance”, 

Roberto Mastroianni (Turin): “Existentiality in Visual Arts”.

Ricardo de Castro Monteiro (Univ. Federal do Cariri) : “Social representations in oral and syncretic  cultural manifestations” ;

Joan Grimalt (Barcelona) : “A Hellenophile Beethoven: The creatures of Prometheus op. 43.”;

Rahilya Geybullaeva (Baku, Slavic University): “Behind the Myth or on some toponyms”; Pauli Mäkelä (Embassador): “Napoleon and The Myth of Rome”.

Concert, Apollo Theater, May 12, at 6 p.m.: “Music from the European countries”:  Eero Lasorla (tenor), Eila Tarasti (piano): Lieder and arias; Aleksi Haukka (guitar); Silvia Raia (flute), Trio of the Helsinki University Music Society: Elias Nyman (violin), Lauri Rantamoijanen (cello), Eero Tarasti (piano): Ernst Chausson: Trio en sol mineur op. 3, 1887.

Music also performed during the symposium at Ritsos Hall

Place: Cultural  Center of Ermoupolis, Ritsos Hall. Participation fee 200 euros for all (Greek students freed)  See more information at the webpages of the Academy (www.culturalacademy.fi).

Along with the main themes of the symposium also other topics will be discussed, such as cultural and art history and semiotic analysis. Students are encouraged to ask their tutors and professors, if they can earn credits from the symposium.

Enrollment to the seminar and symposium by April 1st, 2023 including name, affiliation, title of the paper and abstract (half a page); languages: English, French, German, Italian; payments due by May 1st, 2023 to the bank account of the Academy of Cultural Heritages (Nordea, FI40 1544 3000 0285 84; BIC: NDEAFIHH); for applying grants, if you enroll earlier, acceptance of your paper can be sent within one week. Inquiries  (acceptance, program, travels) at our assistants Lazaros Papoutsis (sfinas3@gmail.com ), aleksi.haukka@helsinki.fi ,  and paul.forsell@gmail.com

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