40th anniversary Symposium of the Semiotic Society of Finland (Helsinki, Finland, May 25-27 2020)


The 40th anniversary Symposium of the Semiotic Society of Finland The Semiotic Society of Finland, one of the oldest and largest in the field, celebrates its 40th anniversary with an international symposium on The Time of the Signs. Semiotics as a Critical Theory of Culture and Society.

It will deal with the following subthemes:

  • the classics of semiotics in the contemporary context
  • theory of communication and signification
  • semiotics and translation
  • signs and value – the axiological dimension of semiotics
  • existential semiotics
  • the analysis of Finnish identity, culture and history
  • signs of the Europe in Finland
  • psyco- and biosemiotic paradigm

The symposium will take place at the University of Helsinki, on May 25-27, 2020 (plenaries on monday May 25, papers on tuesday May 26 and music performances on wednesday May 27). The chair of the event: Professor Eero Tarasti; co-chaired by Professors Altti Kuusamo, Pirjo Kukkonen, Pertti Ahonen, PhD, lecturer, docent Ritva Hartama-Heinonen and Dr Samuli Salmi (University of Helsinki) . Secretaries of the symposium Dr Sari Helkala- Koivisto and Paul Forsell, assistant Aleksi Haukka. Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish.

The symposium speeches will be published as an anthology at Acta semiotica fennica (language of publication English and French). Participation fee: 200 euros (to be paid before the symposium at the bank account of the society: The Semiotic Society of Finland; Nordea (Finland) FI86 8146 9710 0713 32 )

The proposals and abstracts should come before May 4, 2020. However, the acceptance will be announced within one week of the reception of the abstract (for reasons of grants).

Inquiries: helkalakoivistosari@gmail, paul.forsell@helsinki.fi, aleksi.haukka@helsinki.fi, eero.tarasti@helsinki.fi

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