New issue: Sign Systems Studies 42(2/3)

New issue: Sign Systems Studies 42(2/3)

Sign Systems Studies 42(2/3)

 Sign Systems Studies has been selected for inclusion in the Arts & Humanities Citation Index as well as Current Contents/Arts and Humanities, beginning with volume 41, issue 1, 2013.

Sign-system-studies-dec CONTENTS

* Kristian Tylén, Luis Emilio Bruni: Sign evolution on multiple time scales. Introductory comments
* Winfried Nöth: The growth of signs
* Joel Parthemore: Conceptual change and development on multiple time scales: From incremental evolution to origins
* Vytautas Tumėnas: The textuality of diagonal ornamentation: Historical transformations of signification from the Baltic perspective
* Marilyn Mitchell: Fitting issues: The visual representation of time in family tree diagrams
* Morten Tønnessen, The ontogeny of the embryonic, foetal and infant human umwelt
* María del Rosario Restrepo Boada: Graphic design production as a sign
* Gisela Bruche-Schulz: Where semiosis begins when reading a text: On event perception
* Luis Emilio Bruni, Sarune Baceviciute: On the embedded cognition of non-verbal narratives
* Riin Magnus: The role of trust in binding the perspectives of guide dogs and their visually impaired handlers

* Wendy Wheeler: The carrying: Material frames and immaterial meanings

* Frederik Stjernfelt: Diagrams, narratives and ‘reality’
* Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen: Applying Peirce in Tallinn and Helsinki

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