New CFP: Language and Semiotic Studies

Language and Semiotic Studies is a peer-reviewed academic journal of international scope. Published by Soochow University Press, China, it is an authorized quarterly journal with an independent ISSN (2096-031X) and CN (32-1859/H) granted by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China. With all its contents appearing in English, the journal serves and supports the Chinese Association for Language and Semiotic Studies (founded at Soochow University in 1994) while it reaches out and joins colleagues from all around the world for trans-cultural exchange and inter-disciplinary dialogue. 

Harking back to Ferdinand de Saussure’s early 20th century speculations, Language and Semiotic Studies offers a platform for the latest in 21st century scholarship on language and signs. The journal aims at reporting and publishing high-quality research in the studies of language, literature, translation, language education, communication and culture, etc. from linguistic or semiotic perspectives. From time to time, we publish special issues devoted to topics of particular interest. 

Manuscripts could be submitted through e-mail attachments to (Editorial Office). All contributions should contain an abstract, keywords, and a short bionote, and be formatted according to the APA style sheet. There is no rigid limit to the length of articles, provided that they are not exceedingly long. 

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